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------- OmnIoT SoftHub to Ubidots Dashboard Series (Part 2) -------

   This video acts as a part two to our Ubidots example tutorial. In this video we expand on our part one video example (found HERE) by adding a control widget to our Ubidots dashboard. Ubidots control widgets allow you to remotely control your SoftHub device(s) from any cloud based Ubidots dashboard or mobile app. To keep the video brief, we illustrate a simple example where we've added a switch allowing you to enable or disable sensor data reporting. In watching the video it should be apparent however that the same technique can be used to control any of the SoftHub's functionality, including the ability to issue Linux system commands or initiate the execution of your own scripts. 

   As with our previous examples, the changes required to implement this functionality are made in "real time" and take only minutes from start to finish.   

------- EXAMPLE VIDEO -------



------- VIDEO RECAP -------


   To add our remote control functionality there were two sets of changes we needed to make on the SoftHub. The first group of changes was to the RuleEngine.xml to subscribe to our control topic and to carry out the actions requested from the remote dashboard. The second was to change the ubidotsDemo.mcfg file to tell the SoftHub to translate specific incoming message strings to their corresponding SoftHub events. Specifically, we made the following changes - 

Changed the RuleEngine.xml file -

  1. added the Device Control Topic to specify the topic the dashboard will publish to

  2. added two new Action objects to disable/enable new packet event processing

  3. added two User Defined Event objects to be triggered from our Ubidots control widget

  4. added two new Rule objects to tie our Event objects to our Action objects

Changed the ubidotsDemo.mcfg file -

  1. InputToUEV01: Added mapping from incoming message to disable reporting processing event

  2. InputToUEV02: Added mapping from incoming message to enable  reporting processing event

You can download the files used in the example video HERE.

------- SUMMARY -------

   In this video we made all the required changes to remotely control our SoftHub from a Ubidots dashboard or mobile app in just a couple of minutes. While we kept the example as simple as possible, both the OmnIoT SoftHub and the Ubidots platforms provide far more functionality to aid you in quickly building out your IoT edge infrastructure. You can check out more info regarding the OmnIoT SoftHub HERE, or the Ubidots platform HERE.   

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