Mar 3

New RC Available (Initial MQTT support)


A new release candidate has been uploaded and is available via the rc download page ( This release introduces a first cut of MQTT support. Currently only tested with Azure IoT (see the video below) we plan a more generalized version to be added directly into the SoftHub in the next month or two. Let us know of any questions/concerns:


Release 190302. This release introduces the following new features -


(1) The SoftHub - JSON report packet format. This release adds JSON as an

additional output format for report packets in addition to Binary and



(2) The Packet Capture Service / Logfile Decode Utility - JSON packet

decode support. Both the Packet Capture Service and Logfile Decode

Utility now provide JSON as an output format for all processed packets.


(3) The Packet Capture Service / Logfile Decode Utility - Initial MQTT

support. A new module is provided which allows the user to publish

processed packets directly to third party MQTT servers.


(4) The SoftHub - Null report packets. You may now create report packets

with no content. This provides the user with a low overhead way of

publishing detected "events" by simply correlating the event to the

null report's Id.


(5) The SoftHub / Packet Capture Service / Logfile Decode Utility - Full

decoding of binary report packets. The SoftHub now outputs binary

report packets in a format that allows both the Packet Capture Service

and the Logfile Decode Utility to fully decode them directly into

either JSON or XML.


(6) The Packet Capture Service / Logfile Decode Utility - Bypass decode

processing. The Packet Capture Service's configuration file now

accepts "NONE" as an allowed output decode format, bypassing all

decode processing. Similarly the Logfile Decode Utility will default

to no processing if both the "J" and "L" options are omitted on the

line command. In either case the user will still receive the raw

packet however the decoded packet will show up as a string of length





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