Aug 1

General Release (190618) featuring full MQTT support available


Edited: Aug 1

A new release (190618) has been uploaded on our main website. This release introduces full MQTT support allowing the SoftHub to publish data to, and be remotely controlled by, dozens of MQTT compliant third party cloud platforms and dashboards. Be sure to check out the MQTT Introductory Video series on out YouTube channel (OmnIoTVideos) for lots of examples and "how to's". In this version we've added the following -


(1) The SoftHub - New MQTT Communications Manager component. A new component

has been added to the SoftHub to allow for MQTT connectivity. Users can

now connect to one or more MQTT brokers as their applications dictate.


(2) The SoftHub - New MQTT Action Objects. This release adds the new

"PublishData" and "PublishReport" Action objects. These objects allow

the user to publish sensor or report packets (respectively) directly

to remote MQTT brokers.


(3) The SoftHub - Extended Options Files. These files allow users to

configure all standard MQTT parameters, ensuring connection

compatibility with most, if not all, third party MQTT brokers.


(4) The SoftHub - JSON Filter/Format Files. These files allow users to

reformat outgoing JSON packets on the fly to ensure data format

compatibility can be met for most, if not all, third party MQTT



(5) The SoftHub - User Defined Event objects. A new type of Event object

is introduced, the "User Defined Event" object. These objects can be

used in conjunction with the new MQTT functionality to remotely

control the SoftHub from cloud based dashboards or mobile apps. Any

Action object (or combination there of) can be triggered remotely

including the ability to execute any system command or script via

the recently introduced "Execute System Command" Action object.

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