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Introducing: The OmnIoT SoftHub Platform



The OmnIoT SoftHub is a highly configurable hub/gateway platform that was designed to meet the needs of the many common IoT applications with virtually no programming required. Through the SoftHub's configuration utility we expose all individual data streams beaconed out by any supported sensor, allowing you to build out your IoT application's edge infrastructure as quickly and with as little expense as possible.


The SoftHub Application can easily be configured to: mix/match different sensors/sensor technologies, publish to (or be controlled remotely from) dozens of MQTT compliant third party cloud platforms, stream TLS encrypted sensor data remotely, log data locally, create custom data packets, control GPIO's, generate email/sms messages, configure complex threshold logic to detect exception conditions, and much more.


The SoftHub Platform consists of: (1) The SoftHub Application which employs a powerful object based rule engine and runs on low cost Linux based hub hardware (e.g. $10 Raspberry Pi Zero/W). (2) The SoftHub Configuration Utility which is used to build the SoftHub Application rulesets. (3) An optional Remote Packet Capture Service which runs on your cloud based server(s) to receive and decode packets generated by a SoftHub device.  

Watch our 4 minute Introductory video:

Have an idea for the next big IoT application? Need to get it built as quickly and as inexpensively as possible? The OmnIoT SoftHub can jump start the process and save you both precious time and money. Avoid the initial high developmental costs, long time to market, and risk inherent in custom hardware / software solutions and have your proof of concept in hand in a matter of weeks.


Custom Solutions Providers and System Integrators can benefit from the SoftHub much the way new product developers can. Lowering your bid costs and delivery time can often make the difference between winning a project and coming up empty handed. Our platform is built for flexibility and extensibility. If there is a device or technology we don't support that you need, contact us as it may already be on our roadmap or easily added


Already have a product or suit of IoT products in the market? We want to provide existing product vendors with the ability to extend their current offerings functionality with little or no additional investment. Does your product currently rely on your customer's cell phone to gather or process data? With the SoftHub you can gather and monitor your data 24/7 with very little additional investment.  


The OmnIoT SoftHub Platform is free to try, and always free for non-commercial use. Download your copy from our Support page.

Video Series


In this section you'll find a collection of materials to help you leverage the full power of the SoftHub Platform in your own applications. If you're unfamiliar with the SoftHub we recommend you start by our checking out the first 3 brief videos in our youtube video series followed by a look at the document titled "Introduction: The OmnIoT SoftHub Platform". 







Provides a brief introduction to the OmnIoT SoftHub Platform.

Provides a condensed demo and introduction to the rule engine (2 parts).

Provides a condensed overview of full installation process (3 parts).

A series of videos covering many of the more common SoftHub objects (6 parts).
A series of videos introducing the SoftHub's MQTT features (4 parts).

A link to the full OmnIoT YouTube channel.

User Guides




An introduction to the SoftHub Platform and its components.

An in depth document detailing how to configure the SoftHub Rule Engine.

A matrix of supported sensors and what sensor values each broadcast.

Installation Materials


View the Installation Requirements/ReadMe and download the full platform installation package.


   See the SoftHub FAQ's page here.



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